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About the Club

The club represents and promotes the active rockclimbing community in Brisbane, Australia.

The club provides a forum for social and climbing interaction between climbers of all levels and meets weekly on Tuesday nights at Kangaroo Point as well as regularly visiting a variety of cliffs around S-E QLD. There is usually a yearly long club trip to places such as Kaputar, the Blue Mountains or Arapiles.

Apart from the obvious joys of climbing, the BRC has been involved in access negotiation issues. Some subscribers are involved in other aspects of climbing such as new route creation and cliff care. The club encourages its more experienced climbers to pass on climbing skills and knowledge to newer subscribers as they progress.

As a group we do not spend time on rules, points of order or factional warfare. The focus is informality (and fun) with other climbers.

The small subscription fee is to cover the cost of club administration, and provide associate membership to ACAQ. There is no insurance provided.

It is a requirement that individual climbers take responsibility for their own safety.

BRC History

The Brisbane Rockclimbing Club was originally founded in 1965, but was re-established in its present form in 1987 as a means of promoting communication and social interactions between climbers.

Michael Meadows' blog provides some history of the BRC and climbing in South East Queensland.