‪News from the 2008 BRC Committee

Tuesday Night Climbing ‬ ‪Ever since it stopped raining on Tuesday's and weekends, our club events in 2008 have been very busy. The Kaputar and Urbenville trips were great successes and Tuesday nights are currently very busy with large numbers of new members climbing each week. Although we've generally had at least 5-10 ropes set-up, there's actually been a lot climbers and everyone has had to wait around for a free climb at some point or other. ‬ ‪To improve the experience for everyone, can we encourage all Tuesday climbers to :‬ ‪set up a top-rope if you have one, even when arriving late.‬ ‪be welcoming and encouraging to our new members and overseas visiting climbers particularly in their first few weeks.‬ ‪make sure we have a good range of climb grades for the "current" group, at the moment we seem to need more lower and mid range grades.‬ ‪fix your orange club flags/cones at both the top and bottom of the climb so others know what climbs are available and can see the general location from River Terrace.‬ ‪(We're getting more of the flags [to be now used top and bottom], let a committee member know if you need a pair.)‬ ‪the club relies on the goodwill (and climbing gear!) of all members. ‬ ‪New members are welcome to climb on Tuesdays using other members ropes and experience to enable them to find their climbing feet and ensure they're keen to continue. ‬ ‪However, it is expected that after a period of settling in, (say 1-3 months), that local members climbing on Tuesdays will purchase and learn to safely rig a top-rope for group use. Please come and have a chat to a committee member if there are special circumstances or you need advice.‬ ‪Girraween Trip ‬ ‪This trip looks like it'll be well attended. It you want to come let us know - we still have a couple of camp sites available. ‬ ‪The committee will put on pre-dinner nibbles for financial members on the Saturday night.‬ ‪Memberships for Kids? ‬ ‪We've had a lot of recent enquiries from parents, (generally non-members), asking about membership for their children. The club has always required members to be over 18 but encouraged them to bring and supervise their kids to any BRC night/event with all usual provisos around the inherent danger. ‬ ‪The current committee thinks this is still the most sensible approach, but we feel it's now worth drawing up some guidelines to put on the website to explain the situation. We'll be circulating these shortly and looking for comments from members. ‬ ‪Trip Reports and RIP FallFactor ‬ ‪Getting material for the annual FallFactor magazine has been like pulling teeth, so we've decide to concentrate on getting regular trip reports to post on the website. We're planning to redirect the money we'll save on publishing into climbing gear prizes for the AGM, so please please send us a short article and some photos from the Kaputar and Urbenville trips (or any of the other trips this year) and you'll go into the draw for some snazzy gear to hang on your Christmas tree. ‬ ‪Banff ‬ ‪Paddy Pallin is bringing the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour to Brisbane Tue 24 June and Wed 25th June at Palace Centro cinema.‬ ‪If there is enough interest, the club can put together a group booking ($25 a ticket), but we suspect we won't get the required 20.‬ ‪trailer :http://www.paddybanff08.com.au/ web: http://www.paddypallin.com.au/default.aspx?page=78&product=697‬ ‪Let us know If you're interested.‬ ‪Committee Meeting Minutes ‬ ‪If you've got nothing better to do, here they are... ‬ ‪2008 Committee email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

‪Nowra Photos

We've uploaded some great photos of Wayne and Debra in Nowra. Have a peek.‬ ‪We're always looking for photos particularly from club trips, if you have some please let a committee member know.‬

Mt Ngungun Trip DELAYED

‪Due to the heavy rain that we've had in the last week, including a storm that passed through the area on Thursday night, the Mt Ngungun trip has been delayed to allow the crag to dry. The committee will try to reschedule this trip and we'll advise accordingly.‬ ‪We're hoping the Tuesey Cheeseday will go ahead this coming Tuesday.‬ ‪See you all there.‬