‪Club Nights at Kangaroo Point‪‬

Now we "sort of" have lighting we hope to see you all at club nights soon. It is still Tuesday nights. Time to start on that climbing fitness so you are ready for the 2012 climbing season and club trips :). ‬ ‪It may still pay to bring a head torch for some climbs.‬

‪2012 committee‪‬

President - Nigel Joyce‬ ‪Secretary - Graham Baxter‬ ‪Treasurer - David Hogg‬ ‪Member - Mark James‬ ‪Member - Julian de Morton‬ ‪Everyone had a good time at the Xmas party. A big thank you to Mark and Christine for the use of their house again‬ ‪Looking forward to a BIG year of climbing :) . Santa has brought us xmas lights at Kangaroo Point. Testing was tonight 20-12-11 Interesting !!! Hope to see you ASAP on the rock‬

‪Arapiles Sept. 2011‪‬

Once again the climbing was great at Arapiles. A fantastic time with a great bunch of people. Arapiles left the first timers drooling and wanting more asap. They were already organising what they were going to do on the next trip.‬ ‪Well done to club el presidento Marty, for the huge bag of onsight 3 star classic leads. If he stayed any longer he'd have run out of climbs.‬ ‪Everyone had their highlights. I'm sure there'll be a couple of articles penned. We should have a great photo album up soon, to make those of you who couldn't make it jealous.‬ ‪For any one climbing at Arapiles soon , remember though that Brolga is in quarantine after Nigel's barefoot ascent, and don't get spooked by the "wildlife" hahaha in Thunder Crack.‬ ‪Bring on the next Arapiles trip‬

‪BRC Trips for 2011‪‬

The 2011 Trip list has been decided and will be sent out to 2011 Subscribers soon. If you haven't paid your 2011 subscription, please do so now, to ensure you get a copy of the trip list.‬