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Urbenville 2008 by Lindy

posted Jun 1, 2008, 3:30 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 2, 2008, 4:06 AM by Brisbane Rockclimbing Club ]

There’s something to be said about arriving at a campsite several hours after Herb and John. Okay they may have pinched the best campsites and totally overtaken the covered table area but they did have the campfire already going. Although setting up tents on already dewy ground does leave a little to be desired, especially after finding out that the batteries in my head torch had died. Ah yes, I packed spares but they were actually too small. Thanks Laurie for being my saving grace for the weekend.

Mark, Graham and I were busily setting up when everyone else started to trickle in and soon sleepy Urbenville campsite became an almost thriving metropolis which included Laurie, Travis and Clay, Graham, Cathy and Jordan, Wayne, Katrina and Alex, Mark, Nathan, John, Herb and Joan-sy, Cameron, Heidi, Jesse and Oscar and of course, moi (Lindy). And I can’t forget Toby, the hound of the Baxter-villes (Baxtervilles……Baskervilles..….get it….my poor attempt at humour).

It was wonderful to hear the waterfall flowing nicely. I’d been to Urbenville on the club trip in May 07 and the waterfall was not only dry but the water was at least a foot below the road on the other side. So to know that the road was under-water and the falls were flowing was excellent.

Over the roaring fire that John kept adding wood to as though we were going to sit up all night, it was decided that we’d head to ‘The Pines’ the next morning, against John’s advise that it needed more time to dry out.

Saturday morning saw us nicely fogged in so we had a leisurely breakfast and headed off around 9.30. John coerced Wayne (although I don’t think there was too much arm twisting) into going to ‘The Crown’ along with Herb and Joansy so that was the last we saw of them for the day. The rest of us bare-footed it through the freezing cold water across the road and trooped off to ‘The Pines’.

We started off in the usual area doing the likes of Matt the Energiser Man (15), Don’t Trust the Bunny (16), Who’s the Bunny Now (18) etc etc. The leading was shared around by Laurie, Travis, Graham, Mark, Cameron, Nathan and Cathy. In the afternoon most of us moved further along the cliff and were tackling Ohm Sweet Ohm (16), Itchy (15), Specific Gravity (17). Nathan led his third ever climb……just a measly 21 (not sure of the name).

A good day was had by all and we headed back to camp for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles followed by a pleasant evening chatting round the fire.

Sunday was foggy again and being a short day we decided to go back to ‘The Pines’ and start where we’d finished the day before. John, Wayne, Herb and Joansy decided to grace us with their presence this time and due to the late start (because of the fog), we decided on sheer laziness and drove in (mind you no-one was objecting).

I only did 2 climbs Candle Power (13) and A Sighing Sea of Softwoods Swaying in Spring Sex (12). Graham and Cathy both led Specific Gravity (17) and other climbs included Itchy (15), Eff-A-Reddy (13), Scratchy (18) and Loaded on Lithium (14).

Another excellent weekend, at one of my favourite camping spots with some great climbing and really good company. Thanks to everyone who came.

Lindy Burton